All great works point to something beyond themselves.

By acting as a conduit, videography is a way of capturing and sharing the mystery.

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My family thanks you for the most amazing gift of my parent's life story. Words alone cannot thank you enough.

Caryl Bowers

I just wanted to say thanks for putting together the awesome interview of Bema. The stories, pics and music were awesome. There were several things that I did not even know about my thanks.

We all love her dearly and she is so special to us. It will be nice having these great memories for my kids.

Mike Weismiller

We worked on a project in 2011 called “The Wisdom of Women.” We gathered inside the home of Melvia Fields in Paris, KY for two days and literally soaked up all her wisdom. This project is probably one of the projects that has brought me the most joy. The DVD has blessed so many and it continues to live on. The gift is that she was able to give this as a legacy to her family.

Melvia passed away on January 22nd. I am so grateful that you and I had the opportunity to be in her presence. Thank you again for sharing your gifts and I just wanted you to know about Ms Melvia. Blessings to you and your family.

Shelia Spencer

Hi Maryellen,
I want to let you know how important your work is.
Mother is in a home in Franklin Indiana. Her dementia has progressed to the point she is in hospice. She can't focus on much. Some day's she communicates a little.
Today I showed her the legacy video. I haven't played it for a long time. She seemed very engaged watching it. Who needs a memory when you have video? We both enjoyed it greatly. Thank you.

By the way aunt jean is also enamored with hers. She has given it to many of her friends and family . She's still doing well at 90.

Again, many thanks